Wrongful Death

What is Wrongful Death?

Nothing is more tragic than suddenly and accidentally losing someone you love because someone else was negligent. The state of Texas defines wrongful death as the wrongful act, neglect, carelessness, or default of one or more persons that causes the death of another. The surviving spouse, children, or parents of the deceased have three months to file a wrongful death claim in Texas. No matter how a wrongful death happens, if another person’s negligence is responsible for the death, that person may be held accountable. If you have lost a loved one because of another person’s negligence in an auto collision, a medical malpractice incident, or any other kind of accident, please discuss your case at once with an experienced attorney at the Aqrawi & Associates Law Firm, PLLC.

Helping You Move Forward

No amount of money can remove the suffering and agony of suddenly and tragically losing a loved one, but an experienced wrongful death attorney can fight for the compensation your family needs to move forward after a tragedy. The Aqrawi & Associates Law Firm, PLLC is always ready to fight relentlessly for the survivors of a wrongful death. As difficult as it might be at a time of mourning, if you lose someone you love because of someone else’s negligence, call the Aqrawi & Associates Law Firm, PLLC immediately. Wrongful death victims may seek damages for medical expenses prior to death; funeral, burial, or cremation costs; loss of consortium; loss of the deceased loved one’s income or earning capacity; and other benefits.

The Compensation Families Deserve

If you’ve lost a loved one in an accident as the result of someone else’s negligence, recklessness, or careless action, please call the Aqrawi & Associates Law Firm, PLLC at (832) 834-6099. After a wrongful death, you have a very limited amount of time to take action. Do the right thing for your family and make the call today.

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